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Eight Immortals
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Chuan Chung Li, Chang Kuo-Lao, Lu Dong-Pin, Tsao Guao-chiu, Tieh Guai Li, Han Hsian Tzu, Lan Tsai Ho, Ho Hsien Ku
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When the Chinese mutant known as Xorn had accidentally destroyed a village in China, the Eight Immortals arrived to the scene. There, they saw the X-Men trying to leave taking Xorn with them. As the protectors of China, they felt Xorn was their responsibility and attacked the X-Men. When Xorn's containment helmet cracked and opened the black hole, the Eight Immortals realized the destruction caused by Xorn wasn't the X-Men's doing and offered their assistance. Even though they didn't want to help the X-Men fight the Chinese military, in whose possession a spare containment helmet was, they guided the X-Men to the military base for safety.[1]

Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.

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