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Eight Immortals
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Chuan Chung Li, Chang Kuo-Lao, Lu Dong-Pin, Tsao Guao-chiu, Tieh Guai Li, Han Hsian Tzu, Lan Tsai Ho, Ho Hsien Ku
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When the Chinese mutant known as Xorn had accidentally destroyed a village in China, the Eight Immortals arrived to the scene. There, they saw the X-Men trying to leave taking Xorn with them. As the protectors of China, they felt Xorn was their responsibility and attacked the X-Men.[1]

When Xorn's containment helmet cracked and opened the black hole, the Eight Immortals realized the destruction caused by Xorn wasn't the X-Men's doing and offered their assistance. Even though they didn't want to help the X-Men fight the Chinese military, in whose possession a spare containment helmet was, they guided the X-Men to the military base for safety.[2]

Powers and Abilities

At least some of the members of the team appear to have super powers, though it's never revealed what's the source of those powers. All of them appeared to be skilled in the martial arts, most had body armor, and some of them carried weapons (hammer, swords, and a handgun).[2]

The team member who had lost his legs was able to weaken Polaris from a distance to the point that she felt like she was dying, causing her to collapse.[1] Another one who carried two swords was able to shatter the ice blasts that Iceman was sending his way and when he got encased in ice, he broke himself free by shattering the ice.[1] The lone female member of the group touched the soil with her hand, controlling vegetation which entangled Gambit.[1]


Weapons: Handgun, Swords, Hammer

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