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Ancient History

Circa 18,000 BCE, Set's followers created the Serpent Crown, another great object of Setian power. However, the Celestials bombed Lemuria, causing it to be lost. Some Serpent Men survived the resulting Great Cataclysm that sank Atlantis, but received a brutal setback when humans who had migrated from a slave revolution slew many of them and took their land. (These humans had enslaved fleeing Lemurians who had escaped the sinking of Lemuria. In turn, these Lemurians became the ancestors of the Mongols, Turks, and Chinese.) Set received worship from these humans, who set up the cultures of Stygia and Acheron around 13,000 BCE. Set worshippers at some point summoned the demon Khorus, but the first followers of the deity Mitra turned him into stone.

Set continued his struggles and encounters with other gods. He battled the avian-headed deity Ibis, became a foe of the demon Xka-Ahk, and met with the god Nexxx in Stygia. Oddly, Stygians believed Set had a sister called Isuus.

Sometime during the 4th Dynasty of Egypt (between 2613 to 2494 BC) Egypt was under the reign of Pharaoh Khuedr. His kingdom was besieged by an army of savages known as the Tribe of Gurban, also known as the Mammoth People. Their planned invasion of Khuedr's kingdom was thwarted by the Dynaman a hero from the dead civilization of Korug[1].

In 500 BC, the mysterious Robe of Evil was obtained by the tyrannical named Hyskos who conquered most of the region until his death. The Robe then disappeared for a number of years[2].

Around 1191 AD, during the Third Crusade, King Richard the Lion-Hearted of England was active in the region along with his supporter Crusader, and the traitorous knight De Montfort, where they clashed repeatedly with the forces of the Saladin of Egypt[3][4][5].

Unspecified Ancient History

A number of events occurred in Egypt during the times of the Pharaohs, however the exact time periods have no been specified. For the sake of completeness, they are listed here in the order in which they became publicly known in modern times as opposed to any specific chronology.

At a undisclosed period of time the Cult of Black Magic formed in Egypt. They worshipped the evil Witch Queen. She and her spawn were mummified and the Cult protected their remains as well as the Book of Thoth for their eventual resurrection[6].

According to the claims of 20th century scientist Emil Natas he ruled Egypt in a past life and was known as Phao Na Tash. He forced slaves to build pyramids in his name until his slaves were liberated by a hero calling himself Hercules and his sidekick Bucka. Natas claimed that these heroes were the past life incarnations of modern day heroes Captain America and Bucky[7].

Egypt was also ruled by Pharaoh Tut-Ak-Aken who foresaw an end to his rule and made a magic ring that would allow his ancestors to raise an army of the dead[8].

Also at an undisclosed time, a group of Egyptians fled Egypt and travelled across Africa over the centuries, eventually ending up in the Republic of the Congo by the 20th Century where they encountered the jungle hero Lo-Zar[9].

20th Century

On August 1924, an expedition uncovered the tomb of the Witch Queen and her spawn was resurrected and taken under the care of an archaeologist named Thornton who took the boy back to England with him to raise as his own[6].

During World War II, Egypt was frequently the site of clashed between the Allied Forces and Axis powers. The troop from Camp Lehigh was posted in Egypt on a few occasions. In one such occasion in 1942, Private Steve Rogers (secretly Captain America) was assigned as a bodyguard for archaeologist Professor Wembly[10]. Not long after, the Spawn returned to his Cult to try and resurrect his mother the Witch Queen. This plot was uncovered by Captain America and his partner Bucky whom dismantled the Cult of Black Magic, destroyed the Book of Thoth, and prevented the resurrection of the Witch Queen[6]. In 1943, Professor Blane and Professor Rocher uncovered the tomb of Tut-Kan-Amon, uncovering the Lamps of Good and Evil. Rocher, a Nazi sympathizer attempted to take the Lamp of Evil for the Nazis. This attempt was stopped by the Vision who destroyed both lamps[11]. In 1946, the Future Man and Madame Death attempted to conquer Egypt by using a device that resurrected a number of mummified corpses from ancient tombs. These undead warriors were fought off by Miss America until she was able to destroy the device sending the mummies back to their eternal rest[12]. In 1948, Tut-Ak-Mun, descendant of Tut-Ak-Aten recovered his ancestors ring and used it to raise an army of the dead. This army was ultimately stopped by Namora[8].

In 1954, the 50s Captain America and Bucky clashed with communist agents they followed here[13]. Later that year, Secret Service agent Rick Davis was active in the region to recover secret plans from a communist nation[14].

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