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Upon orders from the Rigellian High Commissioner, the Colonizer named Tana Nile took a relatively tiny sample of Ego's substance, in the hope that it could be used to transform other planets into habitable worlds. The planet selected as the first test was Blackworld, where energy reflections off Ego Prime evolved the lifeforms on that world to parallel the development of Earth. Instead the sample of Ego became a being with its own consciousness, called Ego Prime, which followed Sif, Valkyrie and Tana Nile to Earth, where he fought Thor and the Warriors Three. As Odin had planned, in the course of the battle Ego Prime released an unknown form of energy which irradiated three Earth humans whom Odin had arranged to have present. The energy released the latent genetic potential in these three humans, Carter Dyam, Chi Lo, and Jason Kimball, transforming them into superhuman beings who together with nine other similarly evolved human beings have become known as the Young Gods. Ego Prime, having expended all of its energy, disintegrated.

He was captured by the enigmatic alien, the Stranger, and were imprisoned in the Stranger's Labworld for the alien to study him. He remained their until freed by Overmind.[1]

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