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Quote1 I am Ego - the largest, most powerful Intelligence in all Infinity! Quote2
-- Ego the Living Planet src


Stranger (Cosmic Being) (Earth-616) from Astonishing Thor Vol 1 2

The Stranger creating the Living Planets

Ego's consciousness was given to him by the Stranger and not naturally as originally theorized. A second world was also created known as Alter Ego, but he was given to the Collector. The Stranger planned to one day set his two creations against each other to see which was the strongest.[3] Ego's creation was also allegedly accompanied by Id, the Selfish Moon's. At some point, Id left, looking for a party.[4]

Over time, Ego came to reside in an area of space the Rigellians dubbed the "Black Galaxy," so called due to the number of Rigellian explorer ships that Ego destroyed.[5]

Encounter with Thor

Ego's ambitions soon turned towards conquest. The Rigellians, fearful that Ego would target their planet, attempted to colonize Earth. Thor opposed them initially, but agreed to fight Ego on their behalf once they explained the situation to him. Thor ventured into the Black Galaxy accompanied by a Rigellian Recorder. Once Thor landed on the living planet, Ego created a human-sized avatar to better interact with the God of Thunder. Ego revealed that he expected the arrival of a being as powerful as Thor so that he might test the strength of his Anti-bodies, which he intended to send throughout the universe to conquer other worlds. Thor brazenly defied Ego, who responded by forcing Thor into his body and by sending a nearly infinite wave of Antibodies after him. After escaping the Antibodies Thor summoned a powerful storm that stunned Ego. Surrendering, Ego then vowed to seal the Black Galaxy off from the rest of the known universe.[6]

Against Galactus

Ego (Earth-616) from Thor Vol 1 161 001

Locked in combat with Galactus

Months after his battle with Thor, Ego was discovered by Galactus. The devourer of worlds immediately attacked the living planet, who created a shield of solid clouds to defend himself and returned fire. Thor, who was recruited by would-be Rigellian colonizer Tana Nile to destroy Galactus, was caught in the crossfire. He was saved by a band of Wanderers, refugees from a planet consumed by Galactus. Thor convinced the Wanderers to join him in his quest.

Ego and Galactus continued with their battle, with Galactus hurling comets at Ego, and Ego attempting to strangle Galactus with his tentacles. The devourer gained the upper hand and temporarily incapacitated the living planet. Thor decided to attack Galactus directly. This tactic proved ineffective as Galactus simply tossed Thor down to Ego's surface. The Wanderers, who were brought to Ego's surface by the planet himself, decided to give up their fight. Thor refused to surrender and called upon all his godly strength to fully repel Galactus. As reward for helping him defeat Galactus, Ego allowed the Wanderers to remain on his surface and make it their new home.[7]

Ego Prime and Decent into Madness

Ego (Earth-616) from Thor Vol 1 227 0001

Tana Nile was tasked with acquiring a sample of Ego's biomass as part of a Rigellian terraforming project. Tana Nile took the sample to the primitive Blackworld where it evolved into the humanoid Ego Prime. Upon reaching Earth, Ego Prime planned on accelerating evolution on a global scale, and merge himself and all life on the planet into one single entity. Ego Prime was defeated when he unknowingly drained his life force and transferred it into three humans, Carter Dyam, Chi Lo, and Jason Kimball, who were present due to the manipulations of Odin. These humans became known as the Young Gods.[8]

Ego itself went insane, perhaps as a result of the removal of the portion of itself that became Ego Prime. Thor, Galactus, Hercules, and Firelord together fought the mad living planet; Galactus attached an enormous, extraordinarily powerful sidereal propulsion unit to Ego's south pole.[9] Once activated, the unit propelled Ego on a course through space intended to keep it far from any inhabited worlds[10]

Fantastic Four

However, in time Ego learned how to control the sidereal propulsion unit psionically. Seeking vengeance on Galactus, Ego traveled towards Earth, which Galactus had visited in the past. As Ego approached, its gravitational forces wreaked great devastation on Earth, and the Fantastic Four journeyed to Ego in a spacecraft to try to deal with the danger it presented. A man named L.R. "Skip" Collins completely depleted his tremendous psionic powers by undoing all of the devastation and causing the human race to forget that it had ever happened.[11] The Fantastic Four's leader, Reed Richards, removed one of the power packs from Ego's sidereal propulsion unit. Hence, when Ego next triggered the unit, only half of its engine fired. Ego was unable to prevent being seized by the gravitational forces of Earth's sun, which caused the living planet to break apart.[12] But Ego was able to tap the sun's own energy in order to generate enough psionic energy to re-form itself. Once more in complete control of the propulsion unit, Ego launched itself out of Earth's solar system.[citation needed]


Ego (Earth-616) from Rom Vol 1 69

Ego Vs. Rom

However, Ego had greatly depleted its psionic energies in re-forming itself and needed to renew them by consuming the life forces of other beings. Ego was slowly "digesting" a large number of Dire Wraiths who had landed on its surface, as well as two Galadorian Spaceknights. Seeker and Scanner (Skera) (Earth-616), who were pursuing them, when Rom, greatest of the Spaceknights, arrived. Rom freed his fellow Spaceknights and banished the Wraiths to a pocket dimension of Limbo.[13]

Elders of the Universe

Ego was inducted, under unknown circumstances, into the elite cosmic group calling themselves the Elders of the Universe.[14] Ego was a part of their plan to destroy Galactus and thus our reality, but the Elders were soon stopped by the Silver Surfer and Mantis.[15]


Super Ego (Earth-616)

Super-Ego a living "Bio-Verse" wished to consume Ego and attacked when he was being judged by the Blue Celestial.[16] He grabbed the planet with its tentacles and devoured the world. Due to this, the Celestials attacked the lifeform. The High Evolutionary, investigated the event. Super-Ego was destroyed by the Celestial and Ego was able to reform himself.[17]

Maximum Security

Ego (Earth-616) from Maximum Security Dangerous Planet Vol 1 1

Maximum Security

Ego was driven crazy by the by the Kree; Supreme Intelligence. He began attacking other worlds hoping to awaken others like himself. He was stopped by the Silver Surfer who had teamed up with Professor X and his team of Mutant Skrulls; known as Cadre K.[18] Ego reverted to his adolescent spore form and attacked Earth but was stopped by the Fantastic Four and Iron Man.[19] Ego tried to return to his previous form by consuming the Earth. The Supreme Intelligence wanted to take control of Living Planet so he people could use him as a weapon. US Agent got a group of extraterrestrial prisoners to help him fight the Kree. Along with the Avengers they attacked Ronan the Accusers's Citadel .[20][21] They were able to stop this using information gathered by Gambit[22]Quasar was forced to absorb all the energy into his Quantum Bands to prevent this.[23]


Ego (Earth-616) from Nova Vol 4 20


Just before, and since the War of Kings, Ego (who have corrupted Worldmind) make mass-recruitment and manipulated several people, principally humans, to re-create the Nova Corps, and make them fighting against the Shi'ar.[24] At the end, Richard Rider won against Ego, who was briefly deactivated but became the enemy of the Nova Corps (Nu-Xandar was sent into another "body", a Nova Corps' ship.[25]


Flux traveled to the center of the Milky Way with the Fantastic Four. They were there to stop Ego from consuming stars, gaining in mass and his continued rate of expansion would eventually lead him to explode, destroying the galaxy. Using those powers, he began forcing Ego to release the energy he'd absorbed, but in so doing, found he was causing Ego pain. Analysis by Mr. Fantastic showed that a cancerous entity was growing within Ego, causing his current madness. Focusing his powers on the entity, Sykes forced it to the surface and hurled it into space. As the Four left Ego's surface, Ego thanked Sykes for his help before returning to his travels.[26]


Ego and Alter Ego (Earth-616) from Astonishing Thor Vol 1 5 0001


Ego flew too close to the Earth causing atmospheric disruptions. Forcing Thor to investigate the disturbance. As Thor was about to stop Ego, he is interrupted by the Stranger who told Thor that he could not be allowed to interrupt Ego's destiny. When Thor wants to know why not, the Stranger blasts him and tells Thor that Ego was his creation.[27] Thor tried to deter him from reaching his final destination the Collector's Museum.[3] Ego learned his true origin and that he had a brother; Alter-Ego who had been imprisoned by the Collector this his creation.[28]Alter-Ego was created to despise his brother as the Strange wanted to learn who was superior through battle. Ego reluctantly defended himself hurting his brother. But Thor stopped him before the final blow could be given. The remains of Alter-Ego fall into Ego's orbit effectively becoming a moon and together they travel the universe.[29]

War with Thanos

Mad Titan Thanos on his conquest of the universe decided to take on Ego.[30] He sent a fleet to attack him but was no might against the Living Planet.[26]

Lice infestation

His surface became infested by space lice. He hired Rocket Raccoon to exterminate them. It took Rocket almost week to eradicate them all.[31]


The living planet Ego has been called a "bioverse." Every part of its substance, including its atmosphere, is "alive" inasmuch as it is animated and controlled by the consciousness of Ego. The exact composition of Ego is unknown, but much of the planet's surface, at least, seems to be composed of organic molecules. The planet possesses various internal features which have analogues to parts of living Earth-based organisms. For example, its interior contains tunnels which have been compared to arteries, and the center of Ego's consciousness resides in a brain-like organ deep below its surface. Ego can absorb humanoid-sized living beings into itself and "digest" them in internal areas similar to an Earth beings stomach, using its own analogues to digestive fluids. Just as an Earth organism creates one-celled antibodies to attack foreign substances in its bloodstream, Ego creates humanoid sized anti-body like beings from itself to attack intruders on or beneath its surface. In its encounters with humanoids, Ego has caused the "antibodies" to take semi humanoid form.

Ego generates vast psionic energies which, at their peak, rival those of a hungered Galactus. If Ego depletes its energy below a level that it can replenish by itself, it can help renew its energy stories by tapping outside sources, like stars, or absorbing the life forces of large numbers of living beings. At full strength, Ego can use its psionic energy to obliterate starships.[32] Ego can also control its own substance psychically. Thus Ego can transform its own surface to resemble a gigantic face, to reach out into space with gigantic tendrils, or to become an idyllic world resembling the most beautiful areas of Earth. Ego can create humanoid beings with great powers out of its own surface and, it claims, command them across interstellar distances. Ego communicates with other beings telepathically. As another aspect of his psionic abilities, Ego was also able to read Thor's mind and scan his biological structure.[33]

Ego has used its great psionic powers to command the immensely powerful sidereal propulsion unit installed at its south pole by Galactus. The unit can propel Ego in and out of hyperspace at vast speeds, and apparently has virtually inexhaustible power.[34]

Ego has been shown, in a different reality, as seen by the reality leaping Exiles, that it is able to bring out the consciousness in other planets - which it did to that reality's Earth. These 'awakened' planets are also able to command every aspect upon them, including making Anti-bodies.

Hyperspace Travel: By exceeding 99% of the speed of light (186,000 miles per second), Ego can access the hyperspace dimension (where velocity is not limited by the speed of light.[27]


Super-Genius Intelligence:[35]

Strength level

Ego can create humanoid beings from its own substance who share in its consciousness and who can possess "Class 100" strength and thus can lift over 100 tons.[36]


Sidereal propulsion unit on it's South Pole, commanded psionically.

  • Ego's control over its own atmosphere is apparently no match for the power that the thunder god Thor can wield over it using the mystical powers of his enchanted hammer Mjolnir.

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