Marvel Zombies 2 Vol 1 1 page 14 Ego (Earth-2149)

A planetary feast!

Presumably, prior to the Zombie Galacti deciding to return to Earth, Ego’s history is similar to that of Ego of Earth-616.

However, on their way back they discover Ego, having surprisingly missed him on the way out, and devour him.[1]


  • The living planet Ego has been called a "bioverse." Every part of its substance, including its atmosphere, is "alive" inasmuch as it is animated and controlled by the consciousness of Ego. The exact composition of Ego is unknown, but much of the planet's surface, at least, seems to be composed of organic molecules. The planet possesses various internal features which have analogues to parts of living Earth-based organisms. For example, its interior contains tunnels which have been compared to arteries, and the center of Ego's consciousness resides in a brain-like organ deep below its surface. Ego can absorb humanoid-sized living beings into itself and "digest" them in internal areas similar to an Earth beings stomach, using its own analogues to digestive fluids. Just as an Earth organism creates one-celled antibodies to attack foreign substances in its bloodstream, Ego creates humanoid sized anti-body like beings from itself to attack intruders on or beneath its surface. In its encounters with humanoids, Ego has caused the "antibodies" to take semi humanoid form.

Strength level

  • Ego can create humanoid beings from its own substance who share in its consciousness and who can possess "Class 100" strength and thus can lift over 100 tons.


  • Sidereal propulsion unit on it's South Pole, commanded psionically.

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