A former criminal taken from prison and experimented on by a secret government project. Tasked with kidnapping superheroes so the program could refine their superpower duplication process. Fought Spider-Man and X-Factor, but lost.


Oversize could increase his body's size, strength, and durability to superhuman levels. He was observed reaching a height of approximately 24 feet, and had approximately Class 25 strength at that size. As the limits to his powers were not fully explored perhaps he could achieve greater size and strength. It is unknown what source he used to draw his additional mass from, but it allowed him to increase the size of his costume and whatever else he was wearing (which is fortunate otherwise he would have broken his harness the first time he used the power and ended up dead!). This was presumably a subconscious ability, and almost certainly limited to touch as he displayed no ability to increase other people or objects at a distance.

Oversize also has the standard abilities granted by the Shadowforce process.

Strength level

Class 25 (at maximum)


Damage to his harness could injure or kill him. Disabling the harness would render him powerless.


Shadowforce harness

Real name was revealed in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Hardcover Vol. 8.

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