A normal eel, Eelar was mutated into a humanoid creature after exposure to the radiation from a Badoon Mento-Programmer that implanted the Badoon's mission of conquest over the planet Earth. The creature would battle both the Defenders and the 31st Century Guardians of the Galaxy who had traveled back to the modern area at that time.

With the truth regarding Eelar's mutation realized upon the discovery of the Mento-Programmer, the combined efforts of both the Guardians' Vance Astro and the Defenders' Dr. Strange, Eelar was restored to a normal eel, never to menace mankind again.[1]


In his irradiated form Eelar possessed several superhuman abilities, including;

  • Flight
  • Telepathic communication, though Eelar was not capable of any independent thought
  • Superhuman strength
  • Ability to telekinetically move water and fish with enough force to destroy a bridge
  • Eelar's entire body is surrounded by an electrical field powerful enough to hurt even the Hulk
    • He is able to discharge this power from his hands as well
    • He is able to tap into outside power sources in order to increase his electrical field.


Eelar was incapable of independent thought and simply followed the programming of the Badoon mento-programmer which transformed him. Blindly attacking anything that came near him.

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