Edward Passim was a man with telepathic powers who was employed by the Department of Defense, only to find himself aiding in the highly illegal viral weapons program called "About Face". He and his fellow ESPers decided to go rogue, destroying all samples of a hallucinogenic virus before going underground. Unfortunately, the beaker of viral sample Passim took would not break simply by being dropped, and so simply went missing in the subway tunnels of New York City while Eddie wound up joining the city's homeless community.

Decades later, both Passim and the viral sample were at long last uncovered by the ninja clan called Snakeroot, who had allied themselves with ABout Face's former head, Henry Kenroy. In a final battle between Daredevil and Elektra against the Snakeroot, however, Passim -- mortally wounded -- used his powers in a final act to shatter Kenroy's mind before dying.


  • Telepathy: Eddie Passim was a telepath.

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