Edward Burk worked for the City Bank of New York City in the 1930s. In 1934 he was caught embezzling money and a number of his colleagues testified against him, sending him to jail for 10 years. Paroled in 1944, Burk put on the illusion of going straight by taking on a job as an actor and learning how to use make-up to change his appearance.

Disguised, he began killing those who testified against him one by one, attracting the attention of the Angel who began investigating the murders -- crimes that the police dismissed as suicides. When the Angel questioned the City Bank president Mr. Sparks, he learned of Burk's criminal past and the two decided to pay him a visit. After pointing out that Burk used his make-up kit to disguise himself and murder his enemies, he attempted to shoot Mr. Sparks, the last name on his list. Burk only winged his former employer and the Angel then quickly knocked him out with a single punch. Burk was then turned over to the authorities. His subsequent fate is unknown.


Burk used a professional make-up kit used by actors in order to change his appearance.


Burk used a lasso, a weighted cane, and a pistol to commit his murders.

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