Project Venom

Eddie Brock Senior teamed together with Richard Parker to develop a revolutionary means to heal humanity of disease and illness. Their plan was to create a symbiote, The Suit; the project was named Project Venom.

Richard and Eddie were't able to complete their project and sought the partnership and resources of Trask Industries to help complete their project. Brock signed an agreement over to Trask, and Trask eventually took the project away from Parker and Brock.


Eddie Brock, wearing the Venom Suit during the crash

To prove their ownership of the suit in court, Richard and Eddie began secretly working on their own version of the suit[1]. It is known they reached stage 2 of the suit - form-fitting and strength-enhancing[2]. However, as they flew to New York to battle Trask in court, Eddie tested the suit on the plane, which ultimately resulted in the deaths of himself and his wife, as well as Richard and Mary Parker[3].

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