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Little was known about Venom’s life before the zombie plague arrived on Earth-2149, however it can be presumed that it followed much the same path as his Earth-616 counterpart.

Somehow becoming infected, Venom was among of the horde of zombified super-villains attacking Galactus when he arrived upon Earth. The World-Devourer was brought down by the combined efforts of the Power Cosmic Zombies, but the super-villains tried to claim the body and a scrap ensued. Ultimately, Brock was easily overpowered and destroyed, both by the cosmically-powered Spider-Man, and the fact his symbiote had been dying for a while, having been unable to subsist off of dead flesh.

Spider-Man and Venom faced-off, but Venom put up a very lackluster performance before getting shot in the chest by Spider-Man, who questioned Eddie if he was ok due to Venom normally being pretty good at fighting. As the symbiote slipped off Eddie, he explained that because he was a zombie the symbiote no longer wanted him. As Eddie fell to the ground dead the symbiote slithered away, its current status and location unknown.

He and fellow zombie Spider-Man villains Dr. Octopus and Rhino are seen "alive" during the new Secret Wars.


Seemingly those of the Venom of Earth-616 when bonded with the Venom Symbiote but less agile due to Eddie Brock being no longer a sutiable host for the symbiote.


Seemingly those of the Venom of Earth-616.
The Zombie-Brock is also at a huge disadvantage with his Symbiote, as it is unable to live effectively with him as a zombie; thus robbing him of much of his power as shown in his fight with Spider-Man.


Formerly Venom Symbiote.

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