Edna Staples is Elvin Haliday's grandmother and was his primary guardian until her death at which time Elvin became the legal ward of Dwayne Taylor and Andrew Chord. Presumably Edna is Elvin's maternal grandmother as she and Elvin do not share the same last name. Edna raised Elvin in Brooklyn. It is unknown what happened to Elvin's parents but it is implied his father abandoned the family and the Avengers file on Rage says his mother is deceased. Elvin's story to the Avengers was that he was living with his grandmother until his parents got their act together.

Edna did not have much money but she raised Elvin best she could often making sacrifices for him. Edna's budget was considerably strained due to Rage's appetite. Edna was deeply religious and after Elvin was recovering from exposure to toxic waste she prayed beside his bedside.

Edna was murdered by the street gang the Poison Memories. Several of the other members of the New Warriors families were either attacked or kidnapped by the Poison Memories.
Edna Staples 2
Edna Staples memorial
After Edna's death Night Thrasher brought Rage to Paris. Edna had always wanted to see Paris and the Christmas before Elvin had bought her an Eiffel Tower figurine. Together Dwayne and Elvin threw photos of Edna off the Eiffel Tower so she could finally see Paris.

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