The Man-Thing finds himself drawn to the emotions that are coming from a funeral being held for Edmond Windshed. Attending the funeral are his parents, uncle, aunt, grandmother, gym teacher, and classmates. However, when Alice Rimes (Edmond's classmate and only friend) interrupts the eulogy to call them all out on how horribly the treated Edmond, she is violently removed from the funeral by Edmond's uncle. However, she is saved by the Man-Thing which is drawn by the violent emotions and burns Edmond's uncle, so Alice manages to escape.

The next day, Alice takes an essay written by the late Edmond to have it published in the school's newspaper. The essay inside is Edmond's life story, where he talks about how he was always treated poorly because of his weight and how his gym teacher ultimately caused his death by pushing him too hard and literally making Edmond run to his death.

Believing that it's all lies perpetuated by Alice, the gym teacher calls in the Windshed clan to confront her. As they are about to burn Edmond's memoirs, the Man-Thing arrives and attacks them all. Each victim gives into their fears and is burned and killed in a fitting epitaph to their behavior to Edmond. After the attacks end, the Man-Thing walks off again into the swamp.



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