Eden Island is a tropical island which was apparently owned by the mad scientist Doctor Claw, although it also had a small population of Pygmies who were apparently indigenous. Doctor Claw mutated much of the wildlife, both flora and fauna, with the result that many varieties of plants and flowers and several species of birds and insects grew to enormous size; among the species present are giant scorpions and huge flowers which appear to be semi-sentient and capable of indeendent flight by whirling their petals like rotor blades. There were also a tribe of bestial humanoid mutants presumably created by Claw from human test subjects. In the centre of the island is an active volcano.

Doctor Claw lured innocent people to the island for sport by claiming it was a luxury resort.

Points of Interest

The house of Doctor Claw


  • Doctor Claw
  • Fong
  • Doctor Claw's mutants
  • Doctor Claw's Pygmy servants

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