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Ed Brubaker

Real Name
Ed Brubaker
Marvel Comics; DC; Blackthorne Comics; Slave Labor Graphics; Caliber; Dark Horse; Alternative Comics; Drawn and Quarterly; Fantagraphics



First publication

Notable Creations

Place of Birth
Bethesda , Maryland , United States of America

Date of Birth

November 17, 1966

Work History

Images Attributed to Ed Brubaker


Brubaker is a very accomplished writer. He is noted for his relaunching of Captain America in Captain America Vol 5 as well as his work on Daredevil and Marvels Project. Brubaker won the Harvey Award in 2006 and 2007. He is a multiple Eisner Award winner (2007, 2008, and 2010).

Brubaker has also been instrumental in reviving several deceased and/or obscure characters. For example, Bucky Barnes had never appeared as a character since Marvel's golden age. Brubaker revived and re-invented the character in Captain America Vol 5. Brubaker has had similar revivals for a new Masterman, Max Fury, John Steele, and The Man With No Face


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