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Thane Ector was bred to be the most perfect of the Brethren. Like all Thanes, he carried the secret of the Brethren's true origin: they were not a proud, highly-evolved warrior people, but sentient bacteria arisen by the Celestials to consume and purge other lifeforms. Thane Ector struggled with this knowledge, and was manipulated by the Collector into attacking Earth, weakening it for the Elder to claim in the Brethren's wake. Instead, Sersi of the Avengers led Thane Ector and his people in the ritual of the Uni-Mind, a gift the Celestials gave her people the Eternals, which helped to defeat the Collector but killed the Brethren in the process.[3]


Bred to be the most perfect of the Brethren, Ector had many powers:

  • Superhuman Speed: He was able to counter Quicksilver.[1]
  • Optic Blasts[4][5]
  • Superhuman Strength: Superhumanly strong, Ector was even able to cause shockwaves.[5]


Ector was unwilling to feed from bacteria, often suffering hunger.[2]

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