Merlin used the fallen Starstone to create the four magical items: a sword, a shield, and staff and a chalice, then offered Sir Percy of Scandia the pick any one for his own. Sir Percy chose the sword and became the Black Knight, and Merlin cast a spell to destroy the others. Before Merlin's spell could be completed, Mordred intervened and stole the ebony staff. He used this staff to create the Ebony Dagger, the only weapon that could slay the current wielder of the Ebony Sword[1].

King Arthur retreated to Castle Scandia, informed by Merlin Sir Percy gave chaise but he arrived too late and Arthur had being slayed already, and while he fought against Mondred's knights[2]. While Percy felt the presence of Mordred who was ready to kill him Merlin, showed him a vision of world were Camelot became corrupted and Percy understood is death was needed. Mordred then slay him with the Ebony Dagger[1].

Centuries later, the spirit of Mordred empowered the once knife throwing expert Paul Richarde, with a flying gargoyle, armor and sent him to kill Dane Whitman, the latest Black Knight. During a crucial moment to strike the dagger felt from Paul Richarde's hand was lost in the fight[2].

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The weapon is enchanted to slay the owner of the Ebony Blade, and just as indestructible as it blade counterpart.

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