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Eastern Zone Council (Earth-691)

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Eastern Zone Council
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Badoon agency coordinating the occupation of the United Lands of Earth territories, the "Eastern Sector" of the Badoon Empire
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The Eastern Zone Council was an agency of the Brotherhood of Badoon concerned with the occupation of United Lands of Earth territories, the "Eastern Sector" of the Badoon Empire. The Supreme Commander of the Eastern Sector from 3007 to 3014 was Drang.[1][2] The governor of Earth in 3015 was Koord[3]

Major centers of administration on Earth were located in New New York (the High Command), New Moscow (aka 'Locus Prime', capital of the Badoon's Earth government), New Nome, and New Paris.[1][3]

Although the Council used Humans as slaves, they proclaimed Centaurians "too inferior to survive".[1]

In 3015, the Sisterhood of Badoon removed the males from Earth and its colonies, ending the Council's influence in Human affairs.[3]


The Eastern Sector was subdivided into four quadrants.[1]

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