Earth-TRN566 was a reality that existed prior to the Sixth Infinity of the Multiverse.[1]

Many evolved cultures existed, including Earth, the Shi'ar Empire, Kree, Skrulls, and Badoon, where life occurred in similar fashion to Earth-616 and Earth-92131.


This Earth's history also has some similarities to Earth-616 and Earth-92131. On Earth, Charles Xavier founded the X-Men and the Underground,[2] mutants fighting for a world that feared and hated them,[3] opposing the Sentinels, Magneto[4] or the Friends of Humanity[2] among others. Dr. Bruce Banner was turned into the Hulk by a Gamma Bomb while trying to save Rick Jones,[4] and Spider-Man was a hero in New York City.[5]


On Taa there existed a luxuriant civilization of sciences and arts.[6]

The Brothers' creation

At some point, the Living Tribunal, along with the Spectre, created The Brothers,[6] guardians of the Marvel and DC Megaverses.[7]

M'Kraan Crystal tampered with by Demons

Around that time, affected by the manipulation of D'Spayre and of his master the Dweller-in-Darkness the M'Kraan Crystal started enlarging, reaching the level it could engulf all reality.[8] Eventually, the Nexus' tampering caused the primal matter of the universe to alter, unleashing plagues upon the inhabited worlds.[6]

Reaction on Taa

On the world of Taa, struck by the decimation of their people, Galen and his colleagues decided to face the end of the multiverse by travelling to the Cosmic Egg.[6]

Shi'ar and X-Men intervention

The Shi'ar and X-Men united their efforts, sending the Phoenix Force, guardian of the Crystal, to halt his destruction.[6]

Combining with the entire lifeforce of the universe, the Phoenix was able to purge the crystal of its impurity, only for it to quickly explode, extinguishing all life, yet united into Xavier's dream. At that very moment, the Taa-an ship arrived into the Cosmig Egg, with only Galan as survivor, greeted by the Eternity, the sentience of the universe, who announced him his destiny as Galactus.[6]

The Dweller's plan failed, with all life gone in peace and without fear of their end, and the Dweller, as the last entity to despair, was fed upon by D'Spayre,[6] although he was seemingly eventually able to escape to the subsequent multiverse.[9]


The omnipotent Living Tribunal, still holding in his hand the Brothers, was part of the new Multiverse.[10]

Other Residents

Charlie (Earth-TRN566)

Charlie (Earth-0) Adventures of Spider-Man Vol 1 7


Charlie was the leader of a rival gang of the Kingpin and he was convinced that the Enforcers would not have bothered them because they possessed the firepower and the foreign connections of which the Enforcers were afraid. For his full regret however the Enforcers attacked the hideout of his gang and easily defeating them.[11]

Nathan (Earth-TRN566)

Nathan (Earth-0) Adventures of Spider-Man Vol 1 2


Nathan was a merchant who was forced to pay protection money to Hammerhead's criminal syndicate.[12]

Ron (Earth-TRN566)

Ron (Earth-0) Adventures of Spider-Man Vol 1 9


Ron was a grumpy resident of a small village in Arizona which Mysterio wanted to take over and then exploit the oil that was in it.[13]

Tamako (Earth-TRN566)

Tamako (Earth-0) Adventures of Spider-Man Vol 1 10


Tamako was a computer expert who worked for Wilson Fisk.[14]

Telly (Earth-TRN566)

Telly (Earth-0) Adventures of Spider-Man Vol 1 1


Telly was a criminal who along with his gang clashed with Spider-Man at the New York docks and luckily managed to stun him. Soon after he and the other members of the gang were saved from certain death by the Punisher thanks to the intervention of Spider-Man himself.[15]

Terry (Earth-TRN566)

Terry (Earth-0) Adventures of Spider-Man Vol 1 9


Terry was a gentle resident of a small village in Arizona which Mysterio wanted to take over and then exploit the oil that was in it.[13]

Vin (Earth-TRN566)

Vin (Earth-0) Adventures of Spider-Man Vol 1 7


Vin was a member of Charlie's gang.[11]

  • Curiously, while The Adventures of the X-Men #12 suggests that Galactus did not exist until after Earth-TRN566's destruction, a superhero theme park in Spider-Man Adventures #14, the first story not based on an episode of the Spider-Man cartoon, depicts a food stand called "Galactus Goodies," designed after Galactus' helmet.