Not much is known about Earth-TRN215, a world that was centuries ahead of Earth-616 while that reality was at the end of the 1940's. It is unknown how much of the history of Earth-TRN215 mirrors that of Earth-616 or any other reality.

Below are some descriptions of the various eras visited on Earth-TRN215

2548 AD

The year 2548 is one where the human race had made great advances in technology, including robotics and time travel. The humanoid robot Wolf Turber was built in this era. The robot went insane and forgot it's robotic nature. It then attempted to conquer the year 2548 by starting a war. When victory seemed impossible, Turber used a Time Tower to travel back to the year 1949 of Earth-616 and other eras to try and conquer them. He was opposed by San a human from this era who had his own Time Tower.[1]

3550 AD

3550 AD was an even more advanced society than those of 2548 AD. They had developed futuristic buildings and developed flying war machines that could fire lasers. In at least the city of New York a massive dome was erected over the city to protect the weather. This era was also driven to war thanks to the machinations of Wolf Turber, who also killed San here. Turber was chased out of this era by Captain America.[1]

5000 AD

By the year 5000 AD it appears that the human race was wiped out, leaving the ruins of the world to be slowly taken over by plant life. This era was briefly visited by Captain America and Wolf Turber.[1]

50,000 AD

In the year 50,000 AD it had appeared that evolution once more saw a rise to a new generation of Dinosaurs and a new primitive form of humanity. This era was also visited by Captain America and Turber.[1]

200,000 AD

By the year 200,000 AD the last of life on Earth, a rock size hunk of protoplasm that could jump was dying. This was the last stop on Wolf Turber's time travelling to take over the world. It was here that Captain America finally caught up to him and destroyed the robot.[1]

Wolf Turber, San