Earth-9828 diverged from Earth-616 in the immediate aftermath of the death of Betty Banner. In this reality, Thunderbolt Ross retained control of Area 102, using it to keep Bruce Banner imprisoned. After a while, Rick Jones got in to see him, and discovered that Banner had retreated from reality. Upon explaining that he wanted to check a few things out, Banner changed into the Hulk and jumped away.

The funeral of Betty Banner was attended by a large number of people. When the Hulk discovered that he had no method of bringing her back, he attempted to take his own life, but the Hulk kept stopping him. After a few months of this, Banner tracked down Rick Jones, broke into his house in the middle of the night and apologized for leaving earlier. He explained his new policy: the only thing humans have that makes the world worth living in is love. Wishing Rick luck, he left, and they never spoke again.

Rick Jones, some ten years after these events, is living with the remains of his amazing life and a young daughter.

  • In this world, Peter Parker has at least one child and is a journalist rather than a photographer.
  • This world had an event referred to as the "Hell on Earth War", which resulted in the death of Thunderbolt Ross.