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Astonishing X-Men Ghost Boxes Vol 1 2 page 10 Earth-90227
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Quote1 Who decided that, in any war, one side was right? Quote2
-- Scott Summers src 

The divergence start when during the Chaparanga mission, Cyclops decided to go slowly instead of sending Wolverine at a scout. The Ghost Box was opened by the Subject X, and a Sentinel started to came out, promptly destroyed by Cyclops, launching a massive invasion, the invaders seeing "Earth-616" as a threat.

All the X-Men were killed, leaving only Cyclops alive., the X-Mansion and the world were destroy by multiple Ghost Boxes opening, delivering numerous Sentinels. There is no effective sign of annexation (possibly because of the too massive use of Ghost boxes on their target[1].

As he was the last X-Man alive, Cyclops took his own life.



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