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A universe where local counterparts of Earth-616 superhumans debuted in the 1920s and 1930s. Most Superpowers are mainly unknown at this point, though with the certain exceptions of few, such as Spider-Man (who received his powers from a mystical "Spider God"), Luke Cage, and Daredevil.




Other Characters

Davis (Earth-90214)

Davis (Earth-90214) from Web Warriors Vol 1 6 0001


Davis was Peter Parker's childhood friend and the leader of a street urchins gang[1]

Horace (Earth-90214)

Horace (Earth-90214)


Horace was Anna-Marie Rankin's doorman.[2]

Horace Hobbs (Earth-90214)

Horace Hobbs (Earth-90214)

Harlem Houdini

Harlem Houdini taught Tommy Halloway how to pick locks.[3]

Lou (Earth-90214)

Lou (Earth-90214)


Lou was one of Dutch Shultz's mutilated henchmen.[4]

Mike (Earth-90214)

Mike (Earth-90214)


Mike was a detective who was investigating on the Punisher case.[4]

Orville Whitwell (Earth-90214)

Orville Whitwell (Earth-90214)

The Gentleman

The Gentleman taught Tommy Halloway how to gamble.[3]

Weinberg (Earth-90214)

Weinberg (Earth-90214)


Weinberg was Dutch Shultz's assistant.[4]

  • Noir means black in French.

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