"They were almost human. Their evolution paralleled ours, though they evolved swifter and a great deal better. But humans evolved in greater numbers. Far greater numbers.

Individually, they were superior, but they were no match for the great tide of humankind that came, in time, to rule the Earth. So they became a shadow race, living among us, speaking our languages, but secretly, eternally apart. Sometimes heroes. Often monsters.

But as the twentieth century moved nearer its close, the world had drunk to the point that there was little room for living in secret and the power of humankind had grown to doomsday proportions. There was a more pressing need than ever for the shadows to emerge, to make themselves felt, to influence the control of destiny of the planet they shared with humanity.

That need was answered by the likes of Doctor Zero and Power Line, and the Order of St. George. Cautiously, recklessly, with responsibility and without, they entered into the mainstream of human life.

Sometimes heroes. Often monsters."

- Shadowline description in most Shadowline issues.

John (Earth-88194)

John (Earth-88194) from Powerline Vol 1 5 0001


John and his parents were at a wrestling meeting hoping to meet Powerline members to get the poster autographed, but they did not arrive. At the exit of the arena the poster flew away because of the wind and to chase it John ran to the pier where there was a robber who threatened with a gun his parents, and just as the robber was about to kill them intervened the Powerline that saved the family.[1]

John (Sailor) (Earth-88194)

John (Sailor) (Earth-88194) from Doctor Zero Vol 1 3 0001


John was the owner of the Black Dragonfishing boat and was friends of Sheila Willis.[2]