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An alternate future where the Black Celestial and the Galactus created a "Time Bubble." Earth-8810 diverged from the Earth-616 time line when Galactus lay dying on Earth after his battle with Terrax and the Fantastic Four.[1] The Black Clestial restored Galactus to full health but increased his hunger.[2] Galactus then used a black hole to draw enough matter to him to satisfy his hunger. Twenty years later, Galactus gathered so much mass that he warped space and time around him to such an extent that it created a time bubble. The time bubble prevented time travel before and after, extended across other time lines, and threatened to destroy the entire universe. The Black Celestial created a device that would ensure his own survival and would allow him to start a new universe. Eventually, the Fantastic Four discovered the time bubble and destroyed Galactus and the bubble using the Ultimate Nullifier.[3]

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