Earth-8 was an alternate future of Earth-616 in which Miles Morales was married to an alternate reality Gwen Stacy and both were celebrities.

Twenty years into the future, Miles and Gwen were members of their world's greatest super-team, the Amazing Eight, which was comprised of their two children, Spider-Boy and Spider-Girl, Spider-Ham, SP//dr, Gerry Drew and an unnamed Spider-Woman.

While Miles and Gwen's were on their second honeymoon in Vanaheim, Gwen's younger self from Earth-65 accidentally arrived in Earth-8's New York and sought the Amazing Eight's help. When the younger Gwen asked Spider-Ham for help to fight S.I.L.K. back in her reality, he initially refused, but was convinced by Spider-Girl. Once the villains were defeated, the six members of the Amazing Eight returned to their home universe.[1]