Quote1 Dear lord! Didn't think it was even possible... but that's a thousand times worse! The death! The destruction! It's inhuman! Quote2
-- Spider-UK src

A divergent Earth-751263 in which Spider-Man, Lord Tyger, Sir Ram, five new members of the Knights of Wundagore, two panda-like Bestials, a female cougar-like Beastial, and a male lizard-like Beastial all died in a gruesome fight against the Inheritor Daemos.[1]

  • Although not in the panel with Spider-Man, Sir Ram, the two panda-like beastials, the female cougar-like beastial, The Lizard, and the five other members of the Knights of Wundagore, Lord Tyger can be seen lying dead up against a destroyed wall behind Daemos.[1]