On Earth-78227, events would diverge from Earth-616 when Daily Bugle publisher J. Jonah Jameson and his secretary Betty Brant attended the science exhibit on radiation that had a single spider bombarded with radiation. In this reality, the spider bit Betty Brant. Observing this Peter Parker took immediate concern and convinced Betty's boss to allow her the day off so he could take her out for coffee.

While out having lunch together, Peter and Betty would be amazed when Betty would exhibit the proportionate abilities of a spider. Peter would convince Betty to use her amazing gifts to fight crime. He would help her develop a costume and web-shooters and she would soon become the amazing Spider-Girl. Peter and Betty would use this idea to snap exclusive pictures for the Daily Bugle and make them both money, taking delight in the fact that Jameson was paying the person he was vilifying in the papers. One night, Betty and Peter would witness a Burglar fleeing the scene of a crime. Not ready with the camera and out of webbing, Betty would be too slow to act and the crook would make his escape. When asked by they didn't stop the crook, Peter would say it wasn't their business.

They would return to Peter's home to learn that Peter's uncle Ben had been shot and the crook had been cornered at the Acme Warehouse. Going there, Betty would ambush the man and be shocked to find that he is the very crook that she failed to capture earlier. Horrified that her inaction led to the death of her friends uncle, Betty would be decide to abandon her Spider-Girl identity.

Spider-Girl, J. Jonah Jameson, Dennis Carradine, Peter Parker