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This reality was created by Legion, son of X-Men leader Professor Charles Xavier and Israeli diplomat Gabrielle Haller. Legion believed that the only way to bring peace to humans and mutants was to kill Magneto before he incited the anti-mutant movement. He traveled back to a time when Magneto and his wife Magda had just escaped from a concentration camp, taking the X-Men Storm, Iceman, Bishop, and Psylocke with him.

The trip through time gave Legion amnesia and the X-Men all ended up comatose. Legion stabbed Magneto with a psi-blade. By killing Magneto, Legion made his own existence impossible, as Erik was not alive to help Xavier in Israel decades later, Gabrielle Haller died before David could be born. The M'Kraan Crystal resolved the paradox by restructuring reality. All the X-Men vanished from that reality, and a new reality came into existence. Bishop, already displaced in time, remained, but he was killed by Legion earlier on because he suspected that Bishop could somehow stop him.

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