Union soldier Stephen Rogers became the first Captain America during the American Civil War where he led the Union's victory a year earlier in the war; ensured Abraham Lincoln's longevity in his second term; a successful Reconstruction era; and prevented the Indian Wars from happening, which in turn spawning a popular and radical Native American culture craze.

Despite America's tolerant utopia, Rogers' former commander, Buck Barnes, also known as the White Skull, continues to plague America with racial terrorism made out of the decimated remains of the Klu Klux Klan. This continues to the modern day as Stephen Rogers' great-grandson General America foiled the descendants and followers of Barnes' terrorist organization, The White Skulls, from destroying the Lincoln Memorial.

The USSR was taken over by this universe's Fantastic Four analogue following their Earth's version of the Cuban Missile Crisis.[1]

Other Residents

Gérard (Earth-717)

Gérard (Earth-717) What If Wolverine Vol 1 1


Gérard was the bartender and owner of the Blackheart's bar in Ontario, Canada and probably the father-in-law of Logan[2].

Jackson (Earth-717)

Jackson (Earth-717) What If Sub-Mariner Vol 1 1


Jackson was the child of a man protesting against the construction of the statue in memory of the Human Torch[3].

  • It was thought that Earth-717 to contain all the 2005 What If stories but has been designated to only one.
    • However, it has since been rectified according to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z (softcover edition) #2 that these realities are all Earth-717.