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30 years ago, a meteor shower devastated Earth. The western hemisphere took the worst as tsunamis were created from the bombardment, submerging South America, England, Japan and causing the North American continent to split in half. And leaving Central America into scattered islands. About two-thirds of the human race died on a single day from the great disaster. By the present, humanity persevered under three mighty factions: the Atlanteans, Queen Ororo, and the tyrannical reign of Black Panther.

The Exiles were later sent into Earth-6706 to prevent a war started by Black Panther, who allied with other groups of Atlanteans who opposed Namor, against her rivaling adversaries.

Namor, Susan Storm, Valeria Fen, Johnny, Ari, Erin, Black Panther and her Bloodforce (Rough Justice, Blackdog, Iron Maiden, Sandstorm, and Bloodwitch), Nick Fury, Amara Aquilla, Ultron, Jocasta, Gambit (Remy)

Aslo known as Sol III (New Exiles 3).

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