The history of Earth-4096 is mostly unrecorded. It is a future world that, by the year 2300 AD, has seen the human race advance to the point where they established interplanetary travel. Currently available evidence does not show that there are any super-humans that exist in this reality. With the expansion of the human race into space also spawned a new form of crime, necessitating the creation of the Space Rangers a group of law enforcers that would uphold peace in space. They would be stationed on the planet Earth. Three of their notable members would be Commissioner Arnold Williams, Robert Raleigh and Bartin Culp. They would face menaces such as Blackhawk and Carl Formes.

Unique to this universe would be the planet Glakor, which would be home to the Glakorians who are a humanoid race ruled by Carl Formes. Their planet has been destroyed, if their race has become extinct as a result of this remains unexamined.

This universe is also home to a unique element called Plinium, which -- in this universe -- is the only known substitute to radium. It is a much sought after element and is subject to theft.[1][2]

Space Rangers (Arnold Williams, Robert Raleigh and Bartin Culp), Blackhawk, Alyse and Carl Formes.