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One of the Ages of Apocalypse spawned after Apocalypse used The Twelve to warp Earth-616 into several alternate future realities.

Professor X led a team of mutant Skrulls, and eventually gathered the X-Alliance, a group constituted by Homo superior of numerous species, on the X-World. The original X-Men are dispatched in the galaxy.

Gambit and Marrow were married, Scott considered as dead. Kitty Pryde is dead but have great-daughters. Charles Xavier is dying from the Legacy Virus. Cable have joined Magneto's brotherhood, as well as Polaris. Galactus has been cured from his hunger by the Alliance.

On December 2099, Apocalypse used the power of X-World to return it to his past self.

This reality was visited by Gatecrasher, but it is unknown if he is the mainstream one travelling through dimensions, or an alternate/future of him.

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