The Power family moved to a new town after the Power Pack attains their powers. However, the townsfolk branded the pack as mutants. violeence ensued and cost the pack their parents' lives.
the children stayed together for a while but evenually grew apart as they got older. Julie ended up working for the SETI project in New Mexico, attempting to contact her old friends in the Kymellians. Unfortunately, she managed to accidentally contact the Snark race by mistake, who had always attempted to steal the dangerous power source developed by her father.
Julie sought and warned her siblings of the impending Snark threat. She found Katie in Boston working in a cafe, now a 22 year old and heavily tattooed; Jack in San Francisco, now a 28 year old junkie in and out of rehab unable to control his soild form; and finally her older brother Alex in south Carolina, as a 32 year old construction foreman with a family of his own.
Now with the family back together they began preparing for Snark threat.