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Quote1 They said it all started with a flash in the sky and a ripple through the clouds. Nobody knows what caused this exactly, but some people think it might be a punch. Was he really that strong? Had the infection made him so determined to get here in search of a brand new food supply? At the time I said no... But having experienced this hunger firsthand I'm afraid that I now know better. The Avengers were the first on the scene. Can you picture them? Faces grave, concerned for all those human cosualties. That idiot Colonel America reassuring everyone that everything would be fine now that the super heroes have arrived. What they didn't know is that the infection had targeted the super heroes of this dimension and a thousand realities before us. This was how it consumed, you see... By infecting super heroes just like him and sending them out to infect the others. Within twenty-four hours, we'd consumed the entire planet. One super hero from an infected universe... That was all it took to end an entire world. Quote2
--Reed Richards[src]
Marvel Zombies Vol 2 Group Shot

Intergalactic Zombie Group

Earth-2149 was largely identical to that of the main Marvel reality, Earth-616, with only a few minor differences. For example, The Captain America of this Earth was 3 ranks ahead of his 616 counterpart and was known as Colonel America. He was also at one point President of the United States, though he never served a full term. Some characters, such as Luke Cage and Falcon retained older versions of their costumes.

Begining of the infection

This reality continued on in this way, until it was ravaged when a version of the Sentry literally punched his way in from yet another alternative world, bringing with him a disease that turned individuals into flesh-eating zombies. The Avengers were the first on the scene after Sentry crashed in the middle of Manhattan, and all were quickly killed or infected. The disease soon spread throughout the superhuman community, with the super powered undead feasting on the non-powered population. With most of the human life of this Earth extinguished, the super-zombies wandered the world, tormented by hunger with nothing to eat.

The coming of Galactus

Once The Heralds of Galactus arrived to announce the coming of Galactus, many zombies tried to eat Silver Surfer, but only Hulk, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Giant-Man, Power-Man and Captain America did so. The Zombie Galacti absorbed his powers, so they used it to toast the other zombies and eat them, hoping they would taste better like this but they tasted bad anyway.

After Galactus arrived, the zombies tried to eat him to, but he was to powerful. They used Vibranium to creat a machine that united their Power Cosmic to take him down. But after doing so, their zombie villans used the opportunity to try eat him has well, so before the Zombie Galacti eat Galactus they faced their old enemies one last time, killing them. An angry Galactus tried to get up and kill the Zombie Galacti, but they eated him quickly. Absorbing his powers, they used it to travel trough space and consume other life forms. During this time, some remaing zombies in earth try to reach the mainstream reality, but their plans failed - their last fate is unknown.

40 years after

After forty years consuming planets, at the edge of the known universe, the zombie galacti realized that praticly all the life in the universe was gone, so they decided to go back to Earth to repair a old Dimensional Travel Machine Reed had before. Also, Phoenix, Firelord and Gladiator joined the Zombie Galacti; Thanos joined them as well, but was killed by the hulk after blaming him as the main responsible for the universe life's extincion. Arriving in earth, they encountered a group of suvivors led by a zombified Black Panther, who survived with the severed heads of Wasp and Hawkeye in robot bodys along with the Acolytes years ago.

The hulk tried to eat them, but was stoped by Giant-Man who suggested making a breeding camp in there, but Spider-Man was agains't the idea and attacked Hank, who ordered someone to kill spidey. Wolverine tried to do it but Power-Man stopped him and wasp, hawkeye and T'Challa helped them fight agains't the bad zombies while the group of humans hide.

A forcefield was activated and separated the good zombies and humans from the bad ones, but this caused the hulk to be unconscious and turned into Bruce, Power-Man was broke in half and Gladiator trapped inside and killed. Realizing they couldn't no longer eat them, the bad zombies decided to get the Dimensional Travel Machine at the Baxter Building.

In there, they discovered that the Dimensional machine was actually in the camp, so they returned to New Wakanda, were Wasp, Spider-Man, Hawkeye, Power-Man and Black Panther would offer the machine if the zombies left them, and the humans, alone. But they lied to them and they fought once again. Banner gained his consciousness back and tried to eat Reynolds in a security room from were he was watching the battle; in there, was the lever that activated/desactivated the force field. The fright caused him to accidently disable the force field, so the bad zombies decided, not just get the machine, but eat the humans as well, but the hunger fade away before they could do it. Banner turned into Hulk and started eating again. All the zombies tried to stop him, but Iron Man, Phoenix, Firelord and Hawkeye were killed.

Reynolds, who was in love with the Wasp, who apperently was killed by Ant-man during the last battle, offered the Hulk to eat him and spare the others. After eating Reynolds, Hulk changed back into Banner and he was voluntarily killed by the remaining zombies, before he could become the Hulk again. Weeks later, Malcom Cortez decided he liked his life style and didn't want the zombies close, so he tricked the remaing zombies sending all of them to Earth-Z.



  • Earth-2149 is the reality of the zombie world introduced in 2005's Ultimate Fantastic Four #21, in the "Crossover" story arc, and later explored further in the Marvel Zombies miniseries.
  • Since the zombified heroes of this world attempted to trick the Reed Richards of the Ultimate Universe into opening a gateway so that they could spread to his dimension, it is safe to assume that the Zombie-Sentry no longer has the ability to punch through the walls of reality, or was no longer available to do so.
  • Mark Millar and Greg Land are the original creators of Earth-2149.
  • Zombie-Thor is shown wielding a makeshift hammer made of rubble, implying that as a member of the undead, he was no longer deemed worthy to wield Mjolnir.
  • Earth-2149 has also unofficially been called "Earth-91126" by Marvel Zombies writer Robert Kirkman. In Marvel Zombies Return, Earth-91126 became an official name for the other universe infected by Earth-2149's fugitives.
  • The designation Earth-2149 was given in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Alternate Universes 2005. With the release of Marvel Zombies, many fans began referring to it as Earth-615. This possibly stems from a Newsarama forum post.
  • Deadpool-91119 visited this reality and met its Thor.[2]

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