Exiles Vol 1 83 page 3 Earth-181

Daredevil and Kingpin of Earth-181

Very little is known about Earth-181. It is presumably similar to many other realities such as Earth-616, especially in terms of its super-human population.

Notably different in this reality is that Daredevil is a hitman under the employ of the Kingpin of crime. He was selected by the Timebreakers to be a member of the reality hopping Weapon X team. After a series of missions, Daredevil was seemingly sent home. He was instead placed in the stasis wall of the Timebreakers' headquarters the Panoptichron.

Sometime later when Weapon X was liquidated the Exiles, their sister team, took control of the Panoptichron. They returned Daredevil to his native reality. There he returned to the Kingpins employment, taking pleasure in his return to performing mob hits.[1]

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Patch of Earth-181

This would not be the Timebreakers only interference with Earth-181. Shortly after Daredevil's release, the Timebreakeres "fired" the Exiles for their inability to continue following their orders. They assembled a new team of Exiles comprised of various alternate reality versions of Wolverine based on the fact that he was the "best there is at what he does". Each team of Wolverines was sent to Earth-127, a world where Brother Mutant (an amalgamation of Wolverine, Magneto, Mesmero, Quicksilver and Scarlet Warlock) was threatening to take over the world. Each successive team of Wolverines would be taken under control by Brother Mutant.

The last group of Wolverines included the Wolverine of Earth-181, who still operated out of Madripoor in his Patch identity. Patch was enslaved by Brother Mutant[2] until he was freed upon Brother Mutant's death and returned to his home reality.[3]