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Exiles Vol 1 83 page 20 Earth-172
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Exiles Vol 1 83 page 03 James Howlett (Earth-172)

Very little is known about Earth-172. It is a reality similar to other realities such as Earth-616, especially in terms of its mutant population.

It is the home reality of the version of Wolverine who was a founding member of the reality jumping Weapon X team. He was killed on one of their early missions and kept in the stasis wall of the Panoptichron. Long after Weapon X was liquidated the Exiles, Weapon X's sister group, took over the Panoptichron and returned all the dead bodies back to their native realities. Wolverine's corpse was returned to Japan on Earth-172 where he was given a funeral by Mariko Yashida and the Silver Samurai.

Wolverine, Mariko Yashida, Silver Samurai


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