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Earth-15513, also known as the Battlerealm, is the reality within which God Emperor Doom fashioned his Battleworld.[1]

After the final battle between God Emperor Doom and Mister Fantastic, Battleworld was destroyed, and this reality became a distorted portion of time and space.[2] Due to this universe having been the epicenter of the rebirth of the Multiverse, in it abounded a substance known as Iso-8, which originated as a byproduct of creation itself.[3]

The Elders of the Universe then staged a Contest of Champions for control of a concentrated ingot of Iso-8 known as the Iso-Sphere, until The Collector's champion, Maestro, secretly allied with The Grandmaster's champion, Punisher, ultimately defeating The Grandmaster and utilizing his portion of the Iso-Sphere to overcome The Collector as well. With the full power of the Iso-Sphere at his disposal, Maestro then banished the Elders from the universe while reforming Battleworld, so that he could assume the position of God-King of the Battlerealm.[4]

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