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The X-Men no longer have a mansion to hid in, and must hide in the masses of humanity. Scott is their leader again because Charles Xavier's dream of a world where mutant and man are united has died along with him.
The X-Man Colossus died finding a cure for a mutant-killing virus. Following his death, his body was mysteriously stolen. As tensions between mutants and humans worsened, the X-Men found themselves unable to solve the mystery of Colossus's body, as they had to focus much of their time on humanity.

Colossus mysteriously returned to the X-Men a mindless shell. Unable to speak, Colossus's body appeared to have survived death and wandered with the X-Men as a sort of Frankenstein's Monster.
The X-Men decided to blend in with humans to better ease the tensions between mutants and humans. [1]

>(Paradise X: Heralds#3) - The X-Men, gathered for Professor Xavier's funeral, were seen in the Citadel, as X-51 and his Heralds fled from the gathered Watchers. Bloodstorm mournfully noted Charles' death.[1]

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