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A universe where "death was defeated", the Cancerverse is a reality where nothing dies and life has expanded exponentially, resulting in a universe-wide living corpse. Eternal life fueled by the unseen "many-angled ones", every living being in this universe has seemingly been corrupted and turned to their servitude.

Following the launching of the T-Bomb by the Inhumans of Earth-616 and its subsequent detonation during a battle between that universe's Black Bolt and Vulcan, a breach, known as the Fault, was formed in Earth-616, creating a bridge to this corrupted universe. Several expeditions by Earth-616 entities have led to numerous encounters with the Cancerverse entities, including that reality's Avengers (known as the "Revengers") and X-Men.

Upon discovering the vast room to expand in this universe, the forces of the Cancerverse have launched a campaign to invade Earth-616 and rid it of the abstract entity and very concept of Death. Led by Lord Mar-Vell, the forces struck against the combined Shi'ar, Kree, Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova Corps, and assorted cosmic beings, including Galactus, Aegis, and Tenebrous, capturing the anomalous Namorita saved by Nova during his brief encounter with the Sphinx, and seeking the avatar of Death.

Invading the Cancerverse alongside Thanos, the Guardians fought against various protectors of the Cancerverse, such as the Defenders, discovering along the way that Thanos was Death's avatar and briefly allying with the last vestiges of good in this universe, the Machine Resistance, led by Vision.

Discovering the avatar to be in his home reality, Mar-Vell returned, alongside the Revengers, for a final confrontation with the Guardians and Thanos. After a short fight Thanos submitted to Mar-Vell, begging him to kill him. Mar-Vell prepares the ritual and stabs Thanos through the heart which summons Death to the Cancerverse. Death then proceeds to kill the entire Cancerverse which leaves the death-less ones crippled for aeons.[1]

Apparently, Death exiting the universe resulted in the Many-Angled Ones being able to continue to have an effect on the universe, resulting in Drax the Destroyer and the Revengers being resurrected in spite of Thanos' ability to induce death on beings inside of that universe and Death herself personally killing the Revengers.[2]