Dwight (Earth-807128) from Old Man Hawkeye Vol 1 5 001

Dwight five years younger

Dwight was a prodigy child[2] who passed most of his time at Josie's Bar, where his uncle Turk Barrett watched over him while he played around with the Ant-Man helmet[3] he was given as a gift.[2]

After the Venom Symbiote-clad Madroxes killed his uncle for helping Hawkeye against them, Dwight used his Ant-Man helmet to propel their escape to the Bishop Refuge, a hidden region of the Wastelands where Hawkeye thought they would be safe. Unbeknownst to them, however, was that a piece of the Venom Symbiote had stuck to the car they used to escape, allowing the creature to track them down.[4] The Venoms were ultimately defeated by Hawkeye and Kate Bishop and Dwight stayed at the Bishop Refuge with the orphans who lived there.[1]

At some point, Dwight claimed a bridge and started to charge a toll for its use. If whoever wanted to cross it didn't pay what he asked, he would use his Ant-Man helmet to command a million ants into killing them. Hawkeye was one of those who paid in order to cross the bridge.[5]


Ant-Man's Helmet

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