Durango the Killer was an outlaw who was active during the days of the American Frontier. His sister ended up marrying Dave "Blaze" Carson. During that time Durango was already considered "no good" by his brother-in-law. When Jane contracted a fatal illness, she had her husband promise that he would never harm her brother. Dave agreed to his wife's dying wish.

Many years later, Blaze Carson became the sheriff of a western town that was eventually visited by Durango, who had earned the nickname "Durango the Killer" and was a wanted outlaw. When Durango began shooting up a local saloon, Carson confronted the outlaw not knowing who it was until it was too late. Realizing the outlaw was his brother-in-law, Blaze stood down and even allowed Durango to slap him across the face. Durango then warned his brother-in-law to leave town in 24 hours or die. Carson fled the saloon in shame, unable to break the vow he made to his dead wife, leaving the locals to think their sheriff had become a coward.

When the 24-hour period elapsed, Durango went to Blaze's home to either gun him down or chase him out of town, the locals all followed behind placing bets on what would happen along the way. When Carson confronted his brother-in-law, he agreed to leave. That was until Durango spotted a picture of his dead sister and, having no respect for her to begin with, mockingly shot bullets through it. Seeing this insult to his wife's memory as nullifying the promise he made to his lover, Blaze then quickly beat Durango senseless and proved to be a faster draw that Durango himself. Carson then ordered Durango to leave town, which Durango quickly complied. As Durango the Killer fled town, Blaze warned him not to cross paths with him again.[1]

The final fate of Durango the Killer is unknown.


Durango rode a horse.


Durango carried six shooters.

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