Quote1 When there's a new world to conquer... There you will find Ducktor Doom 2099! Quote2
-- Spider-Ham src
Ducktor Doom's green card from What The Vol 1 26
After Ducktor Doom stole vials in a labortary and accidently throw Piguel O'Malley into some chemicals, Spider-Ham 2099 was born. Doom then went back into his castle, to work at one of his "Insidious Inventions". Spider-Ham 2099 then proceeds to capture him, only to find out that he is allowed to do it, due to his green card.[1]

He later returned with an army of Duckbots to conquer a new world and defeat the Warriors of the Great Web, but was defeated by the original Spider-Ham, who sent him and his henchmen into a hurricane.[2]

  • Spider-Ham mentioned that he once build a "Automatic Babyburper"

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