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Druids of Black Moors
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Black Moors, Ireland
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Druids of Black Moors (Earth-616) 002


The Druids of Black Moors were a sect of Druids that resided in Ireland thousands of years ago. A peace loving civilization, they lived and practiced their religion around a formation known as Rockhenge, which was similar to that of Stonehenge in England. When one of their elders foretold of a great flooding that was coming they constructed crude diving equipment and developed an undersea dwelling where they would live out the centuries in peace.

In 1941, they were discovered by a group of Nazis who convinced the Druids -- particularly the headstrong Cestis -- that the British were warmongers that sought to enslave the entire world. Tricked into believing the Nazis were peace-loving, the Druids invited them to hide their aircraft in their hidden domain shortly after France was liberated from Nazi control. This allowed Nazi forces to continue to launch Blitzkriegs against Britain, disappearing in a veil of pea-soup fog whenever British forces attempted to capture them.

The mysterious disappearances of the Nazi fighters would lead the British authorities to summon the aid of the Sub-Mariner to investigate. Namor would locate the hidden location of the Druids home, and almost be slain by them before being stopped by Nazi agents who wished to torture their enemy first. Namor would break free and convince the Druids that the Nazi's were the true enemy. Fed up of the Nazi's using up their food supplies, the Druids would be convinced of the Nazi's duplicity and agree to help Namor revolt against them. Cestis would be slain in the conflict.

After Namor would prevent another invasion of Britain, he would return to the Druid's undersea home with weapons for the Druids to fight back against their former allies. With the Nazi forces wiped out with Namor's Aid, the Druids move their home four miles west of it's original location in the hopes that they would return to living their lives in peace, however they would offer their aid to Namor in the future should he ever need it.

If Namor has ever sought out the Druid's remains to be seen, their present activities or if they still exist remains unrevealed.

Equipment: The Druids have fashioned crude diving equipment that would allow them to breath underwater for an extended, but undisclosed period of time. They have also constructed a series of underwater dwellings, both domed and made of rock. They have also developed an adequate undersea farming system as well.
Transportation: Their homes were mobile, allowing them to move them to any location underwater that they saw fit.
Weapons: Although pacifists by nature, the Druids of Black Moors had access to weapons such as swords, daggers and maces.

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