Not much is known about the Dream Master and his origins are a mystery. He claims to be "deathless, timeless and ageless" although if these statements are true have not been substantiated.

His only recorded surfacing was the year 1949 where he founded his Temple of Silence in New York City, offering joy and content to those who were miserable, using his dream dust to give them happy dreams and sleep. In reality, the Dream Master was bilking people out of all their valuables and put them in a state of deep sleep. Those who were of no value to him were given horrible waking nightmares with the dream dust and locked in a dungeon in the basement of his temple. Eventually, all the positive public relations attracted the attention of Captain America and Golden Girl who broke into the Temple of Silence to investigate the Dream Master's organization.

Learning that he was robbing people, Cap and Golden Girl freed his prisoners from the basement and confronted the Dream Master himself. The Dream Master used his dream dust on the duo to make them have a nightmare that they were having a battle against the armies of Genghis Khan. While they dreamt, the Dream Master was about to stab both heroes with a knife. However, his victims then chased him away and down into his own dungeon where he locked himself in a cell for his own safety.

Captain America and Golden Girl eventually broke free from the control of the Dream Dust and attempted to apprehend the Dream Master. The villain escaped through a secret passage way and down a rope into a cavern below his temple. When Cap and Golden Girl tried to follow and explosion sealed the cavern, allowing the Dream Master to apparently escape.[1]

He has not been seen since.


The Dream Master claims to be immortal, but this claim has yet to be proven.


The Dream Master uses "dream dust" a powder of unknown composition. When a significant amount of dust gets into contact with the human eye, the one exposed to the dust enters an instant dream state. It would appear that the types of dreams they have are dictated by the Dream Master. How he is exactly able to have power over the dreams of his victims by this means is unexplained.


The Dream Master carried a knife.

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