Drako took over a mine in the American southwest which he said he gained the deed to in a poker game, though its more likely that he killed the proper owner and took the deed. Drako then fired all the men who worked in the mine who had families and turned all the others into slaves. He hired a gang of the best gunslingers in the territory to work as "foremen" to ensure that the men worked hard. Those that didn't were killed or put in the cage, a cage set up out under the hot dessert sun.

The Rawhide Kid came to Drako's mine looking for a job and after a tussle with some of the foremen, Drako gave him one. He asked that the Kid remove his firearms, as he didn't permit them in the mine, and the Kid obliged. Once down in the mine, however, the other workers informed him that they were all slaves with no chance for escape. Soon after the Rawhide Kid and another man were put in the cage for attacking one of the foreman. They were later able to dig themselves out as a sudden downpour of rain made the ground muddy. The Kid then rallied all the other slaves into rebelling against Drako and they ran off his gang. Only Drako remained, determined to have his revenge on the Rawhide Kid for ruining his operation. The Kid outfought Drako, forcing him to flee in order to regroup. As he ran across a rope bridge it collapsed under his weight as the rain had made the ground muddy and soft and the pegs had come out of the soil. It appeared to the Kid that Drako fell to his demise.

Drako, however, survived, having grabbed hold of a branch of a sapling during his fall. Even as he was hanging on for dear life, all Drako could think of was his vengeance on the Rawhide Kid. Several months later the Kid found himself again passing through the same area. Thinking Drako to be dead and the mine to be safe, the Kid again stopped to look for a job. The Kid noticed something familiar about the foreman but couldn't place his finger on what it was. He climbed down the mine shaft, thinking about who he could be all the while. Suddenly a bucket filled with stones crashed right next to the Kid in the bottom of the shaft and the Kid realized that the new foreman was Drako, who had shaved off his beard. The Kid decided to play along, and pretended to have been killed by the bucket of rocks. When Drako came down to investigate, the Kid shot out the lantern and shot the gun from Drako's hand. The two men again fought, and again the Kid beat Drako. When others came to see what the noise was about, the Kid revealed their foreman's secret identity and they called for the sheriff to have him arrested.




Drako was a decent marksman


Pistols, rifles

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