Professor Drake Maluski was a mad scientist who would hire grave robbers to dig up graves so that he could use the corpses for his experiments in reanimation in a bid to take over the world with a horde of zombies. He would operate in a lab hidden below the Green Lamp Inn. One night, his grave robbers would come across the recently resurrected Blue Blaze who would attack them for grave robbing and learn who had hired them.

Maluski Zombies

Maluski's zombies

Going to the Green Lamp Inn and gaining access to Maluski's lab, the Blue Blaze would be brought before the mad scientist who would show off his zombie creations and explain his plans before attempting to kill the Blue Blaze. Maluski did not expect the Blaze to be bullet proof, and the Blue Blaze would throw Maluski against one of his machines causing a massive explosion that would kill Maluski, destroy his lab and his creations.[2][2]




Maluski was a brilliant scientist who could use technological means to reanimate corpses that were loyal to him.


Maluski used a device that could ensnare trespassers with energy and bring them to him. He also controlled machines that could reanimate corpses that followed his commands only.


Maluski was armed with a pistol.

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