Dragonwing is the mutant leader of the mercenary group called the Rising Sons. Dragonwing is the the older brother of Spoilsport another member of the team. The team consists of his sister, Nightwind, Jet-Black, the Sign and Tough Love. The Rising Sons were hired to protect a man named Noy, who had in his possession a sword that was used to kill Adrienne Frost's husband, Steve. [1]

Adrienne wanted the sword for herself and sent the mercenary Paladin to get it, but the Rising Sons fought him off and left him for dead. Paladin returned alongside Generation X members Jubilee, Skin, Chamber, Synch and Husk. [2]

Dragonwing is the most confident and some could say arrogant of the team, this is mainly stemming from his mutant power to alter parts of his body in to dragon like parts. [1]

After the event of M-Day, unlike his teammates Spoilsport and Nightwind who were confirmed to be depowered, Dragonwing's fate remains unknown.


Draconic Quasi-shapeshifting: Dragonwing's mutant power allows him to take on a dragon's strength, reflexes, and durability in the parts of his body that are altered. He is able to morph his head and arms, to grow wings and a tail. This allows him produce talons, sharp teeth, fire-breathing capabilities, and flight.

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