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Douglas van Horne was a relative of the wealthy Mrs. Van Horne, who did not want to dispose of her wealth or sell her house until she was dead. Douglas, determined to get her money, who in 1945 began hatching a scheme to eliminate his relative to get her fortune. When men from a real estate company came to pressure Mrs. Van Horne into selling her house, and Douglas was on hand when they warned Mrs. Van Horne that she would "regret" not selling them her home.

Devising a masked costumed, Douglas first killed his relatives cat, then her housekeeper. When the story made the front page of the local newspaper, reporter Ginny Day went to interview Mrs. Van Horne. As Mrs. Van Honre told Ginny of the various events of the past few days. Douglas in his costumed identity cut loose the house chandelier. It landed on Mrs. Van Horne killing her, and when Ginny attempted to flee she was bound up. She was found later by the Angel who was sent by her employer Mr. Grant to find her. Returning to the house later, the Angel found Douglas wandering around the house and quickly subdued him and unmasked him. With Douglas stopped he was turned over to the authorities.


Douglas carried a blackjack.

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