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Doughboy was created by Arnim Zola in Castle Zola, Weisshorn Mountain, Switzerland, to act as his servant. He's a non-humanoid bioform who normally assumes an enormous pie-shaped form with a face consisting of eyes, a mouth, and sometimes a nose, long rubbery arms with only two fingers each, and stalk-like legs with two toes each. His body resembles dough both in appearance and in consistency.

It was first used by Zola to fight Captain America and the Falcon.[1]

When Doughboy was merged with Primus, Zola's android, he used him against Captain America in a conspiracy made with Baron Zemo.[2]

Later, Doughboy was finally separated from Primus, still serving Zola. It defeated Crossbones when he entered Zola's castle.

Doughboy later used his shape-shifting powers to mimic an Avengers Quinjet during Zola's rescue of the Red Skull and Skeleton Crew.[3]

It later captured Captain America and Thor at Skull-House, and took them to the bottom of Devil's Lake on Zola's order. Thor later smashed and split Doughboy.[4]

Doughboy returned and fought the Thunderbolts when they invaded Zola's base in China.[5]

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